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Government & Public Sector

Tech industry reacts to UK semiconductor strategy

The long-awaited UK semiconductor strategy, worth up to £1bn, has been met with criticism around a lack of ambition

Generative AI

Think tank calls for ‘Great British GPT’ to keep UK ahead in AI race

A report from UK think tank Onward has recommended that the UK develops a 'Great British GPT' tool to stay ahead in the global AI race

Government & Public Sector

What does the semiconductor industry need from the Government?

In this article, we explore what is needed of the UK Government when it comes to releasing a strong framework for semiconductor industry innovation

AI & Machine Learning

UK government announces AI white paper to guide innovation

The government announcement of a national white paper for AI innovation states an aim to "supercharge growth" across the UK


UK tech could be worth $4 trillion within decade

Government & Public Sector

What the 2023 Spring Budget means for UK tech

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt today announced his 2023 Spring Budget, which included R&D funding and governmental investment in quantum

Emerging Technology & Innovation

UK Government announce 10-year quantum funding scheme worth £2.5bn

A decade-long programme has been launched by the UK Government, entailing £2.5bn in funding towards quantum computing initiatives

AI & Machine Learning

UK government to invest £250m into AI

Rishi Sunak believes AI is having as big an effect as the Industrial Revolution

AI & Machine Learning

Tony Blair and tech chiefs call for ‘sovereign AI’ to rival ChatGPT

Former Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair and AI stakeholders have argued a case for implementation of ‘sovereign AI' for public service operations

AI & Machine Learning

AI chatbots to be subject to UK Online Safety Bill

A DCMS minister has revealed that AI chatbots will need to adhere to the UK Online Safety Bill, which is being drafted in parliament

Government & Public Sector

UK semiconductor strategy delay criticised by MPs

A committee of MPs has referred to the UK government's delay in publishing a national semiconductor strategy as an "act of self harm"

Major Contracts

Tech Nation to cease operations, following DCMS contract end

Following a decade serving as the UK government-backed tech ecosystem for scale-ups, Tech Nation's contract will end on the 31st March