Targus and Samsung partner to deliver device accessories worldwide

Targus, a current member of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP), will support the Samsung Mobile ecosystem as a global Tier 1 and DeX Accessory Partner.

As part of the partnership, the device distributor will offer products that are compatible with Mobile DeX devices, as well as supporting Samsung software updates.

In addition, the partnership will ensure that Targus technology products included in the agreement are recognised as original and authorised products by Samsung.

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“As a global partner in the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP), and now a Tier 1 Partner, Targus has clearly proven itself as a trusted device accessory partner,” said Andrew Corkill, vice-president of global marketing at Targus.

“We look forward to continuously providing Samsung users with key accessories to enhance their devices.”

James Park, vice-president at Samsung, commented: “Samsung is honoured to have Targus as our newest partner in supporting the Samsung Desktop Experience with Samsung Mobile Devices (Phone & Tablets).

“Targus has a long history of providing unique and innovative accessories that support Samsung devices. We are happy to welcome Targus to this unique partnership to grow both our businesses.”

Targus also distributes products for Apple and Microsoft.

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