The impact of Covid-19 on digital growth agency Found

We spoke to the Head of People and Culture at digital growth agency, Found, to see how Covid-19 has affected their business.

12 months ago (almost exactly) the world as we know it changed. The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the way we all work, function and go about our lives. We swapped meet-ups for facetimes, handshakes for nods and nights in the pub for multiple Zoom quizzes. It’s been an adjustment.

Possibly the most major change seen for millions of people all over the world has been the transition from working in an office, so all of a sudden, working from home (in my case, the kitchen table). Every business has faced adversity during this transition, and we wanted to get a bit of insight into exactly how things have changed.

So, we spoke to Chelsea Hall, Head of People and Culture at Found, a multi award-winning, digital growth agency.

“The first, and possibly most significant way the pandemic impacted us, was that we went from being entirely office-based to working remotely,” Chelsea explained to us; a feeling that no doubt was felt throughout many workplaces.

The key to success for Chelsea and the whole team at the digital growth agency was their ability to adapt effectively and efficiently.

“Luckily we already had the technical set up to be able to work from anywhere with our online platforms and tools, but what we did have to adapt were the ways that we worked together as a team and with our clients.”

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However, while getting used to their new normal, the team at Found did (naturally) hit a few bumps in the road. Something that’s pretty unavoidable when you’re powering through new territory.

Everything changed almost overnight, all of these aspects needed to be considered and adapted, whilst working remotely. “How we worked, how we communicated with one another, how we set boundaries around our work-life balance, how we communicated and built relationships with clients, how we managed our teams and how we maintained the cultural initiatives which make Found, Found.”

So, what did Found do to keep their famously wonderful company culture alive?

“We have stayed connected and continued to have fun together, even if it is remotely. We made sure there were regular check-ins, as the wellbeing of our team is a priority for us. We made sure to translate everything we did in person previously to online.”

Chelsea also spoke about some of the activities Found hosted to help keep their people happy and engaged. “There were social events including murder mystery, quizzes, scavenger hunt, and bingo. We also kept our Friday company meetings going where we all connect and discuss what has happened that week and share great work we are doing for our clients – our CEO took up the habit of writing a weekly poem.”

And despite all working from home, the Found team still found the time to celebrate the wins. “Whether it’s promotions, probation passes, our 10 year anniversary (where they sent an afternoon tea pack to everyone and had a virtual party on Zoom), milestones and important days we marked.

It seems like no matter what the future may hold for Found, and the way they work, they’ll look after their clients and their people.

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