The key suppliers in business continuity


The crisis communications services provider offers logistics coordination in the event of a major incident, getting people to the right place and keeping the workforce in touch should the internal communications infrastructure become disabled. Voice, text, pager and email communications are maintained via the company’s 24×7 emergency management centre.

The management consultant’s business continuity and disaster recovery service is guided by a central principle: that effective recovery planning depends upon the technological and business acumen to balance risk against protection and recovery cost. Accenture offers embedded business continuity management, business impact and risk analysis, plus variety of recovery services.

IT services company Capgemini is an experienced provider of risk avoidance and assessment services, business impact analysis (BIA), disaster recovery plan development, testing assistance and plan maintenance. It offers these services to companies with any mix of vendor systems in their infrastructure.

Crisis Solutions
The crises management specialist develops simulations of business interruptions so that a company can test its own readiness for such occurrences. The emphasis is on testing personnel for their ability to manage crises by creating a ‘virtual world’ in which they are presented with various scenarios. The company also offers business continuity planning.

Datashare offers a complete off-site back-up and restore solution that includes email recovery and security. Its system automatically copies an image of infrastructure’s files to an Image Data Centre (IDC) overnight.

Deloitte International
consultancy Deloitte has developed a business continuity methodology which evaluates a company’s required level of availability through numerous analyses including thread analysis, business impact analysis, asset modelling and strategy analysis. Consultants also help to integrate the business continuity plan into the overall business strategy.

Electronic Data Systems
EDS provides business impact analysis, risk assessment, disaster recovery assessment, plan maintenance and hot site recovery, primarily (but not exclusively) to its existing customers. The company has its own templates and procedures, but will use any planning software the client chooses.

Eagle Rock Alliance
The Alliance is the largest ‘pure-play’ business continuity consultancy and offers risk avoidance and assessment, disaster recovery plan development, testing assistance and plan maintenance to customers in North America.

Through HP Services, Hewlett-Packard has added to its own business continuity practice with the recent acquisition of the UK’s Synstar, giving it a broad base of managed services, including business impact analysis and business continuity planning assistance for all major systems environments. IBM IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services offers assessment and planning services, alternative business environment services in the event of office unavailability, and replacement systems. Its expertise includes both IBM and non-IBM equipment.

ICM offers a broad range of business recovery solutions, enabling clients to identify the best possible means of ensuring effective contingency. It also offers continuity planning and managed continuity services.

Iron Mountain
Fire, environmental and security threats to corporate clients are protected against by Iron Mountain’s off-site data protection. The company has over 100 secure vault facilities worldwide, and over 25,000 customers, including more than 80% of the FTSE 100.

Using risk analysis, network and system design, and recovery planning to maintain the availability, reliability, and recoverability of key systems, the consultancy helps customers plan against threats to business operations, such as the inadequate execution of change management plans or a telecommunications failure.


The company may be most famous for its uninterruptible power supplies, but APC increasingly ensures availability in the data centre’s physical network through products such as InfraStruXure. It sustains equipment at optimal physical conditions, including powering and cooling functions.

The storage behemoth builds networked storage hardware with the aim of ensuring the preservation and availability of business-critical data. EMC also offers remote back-up services, consulting and business continuity planning software.

FalconStor networked storage switches support end-to-end network availability, with automatic failover capability at storage, data path and server level. Its IPStor range protects the infrastructure from operating system, enterprise application and appliance failure.

Hitachi Data Systems
HDS sells network storage devices – the Thunder and Lightning ranges – that combine high availability and reliability. These sit alongside continuity applications that include data mirroring packages and storage management tools.

Lampertz’s area of expertise lies in the building and installing of secure data centre rooms. Its secure data centre solutions are modular and fully customisable, and include their own independent air conditioning, fire suppression and uninterruptible power supply systems.

By protecting data in a storage area networking environment, McData’s line up of switches, routers and software enables a wide range of business continuity and disaster recovery requirements for differing recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Power Services International
Power Services International makes transient voltage surge arrestors, designed to protect the IT infrastructure against potentially damaging power supply surges.

Sun Microsystems
Sun builds servers, switches and storage devices. Alongside a broad range of traditional disaster recovery and business continuity software and services, the company is evolving its grid computing architecture, N1, to provide high levels of continuity.


Computer Associates
CA support business continuity through one of the most comprehensive line-ups of back-up/recovery, systems management and, increasingly, virtualisation software.

DataMirror is one of the leading developers of information integration software. The company’s iCluster and iRecovery products provide high-definition data and object mirroring for IBM servers and Oracle databases respectively. Features include high-speed operational switching and status monitoring.

Oracle Software
giant Oracle provides failover and data protection and load balancing technologies – including Real Application Clusters and DataGuard – that ensure continuous processing in the event of one or more cluster nodes failing. Its 10g database takes that one step further, supporting business continuity across grid networks.

The Neverfail Group
The Group builds business continuity software for the Microsoft platform around Heartbeat, a replication tool for moving data from an active to a passive server, enabling constant back-up and minimising downtime.

Strohl Systems
Over 60 of the Fortune 100 companies use Strohl Systems’ BCP tools. Its Living Disaster Recovery Planning System covers basic BCP functions and enables collaborative planning. It has separate tools for business impact analysis and emergency notification. Strohl also offers possibly the most comprehensive range of business continuity services, which include BIA, risk assessment, DP plan development, and event simulation.

A veteran of the BCP industry, SunGard targets the financial and e-processing markets with its range of products. PreCovery 3.2, also available as a web-hosted application called Eplanner, is a client/server planning tool that covers both BCP and BIA. The company also offers business continuity services, including BIA, risk assessment and avoidance, DR plan development, testing assessment and plan maintenance.

With its array of data protection software, including NetBack and Backup Exec, Veritas enables automated back-up and recovery across multiple different platforms, networks and devices. Veritas Consulting can advise companies how best to manage their storage network to minimise the risk of data loss.

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