5 tools that use AI for design

It’s becoming an integral part our daily life today. Software and apps are intelligent enough to learn on the job themselves and we’re becoming more and more reliant on technology understanding what we need and implementing it effectively.

More and more pieces of kit are using AI these days, with design software particularly at the forefront of this.

That’s only set to continue, with AI expected to optimise and speed up design even further. It’ll likely allow for faster sketching, quicker and more concise edits and perhaps plenty of other features we won’t even see coming.

At the moment, AI is only just beginning to creep in to design software, but it is already working wonders.

If you’re a business requiring design, there a range of great tools out there using AI to improve your designs and overall profits.

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Tailor Brands

One of the most important aspects of starting a business is getting a brand in place.

Building a brand is integral to any business and Tailor Brands use AI to create simple logos, created by yourself and enhanced automatically.

Their Logo Maker is a popular product used by many businesses to get a professional design on a relatively small budget. The designs themselves are built using AI, with you inputting the information you require in the logo and receiving the output of a logo in return.

No matter what the industry, the AI will create something relevant and suitable for your business.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has long been one of the top photo editing pieces of software on the market and is steeped in artificial intelligence.

The Select Subject tool uses AI to memorise shapes and move, amend and edit around them more sophisticatedly.

The software has always been ahead of the game and uses intelligence with most of its functions. Sensei is the name of the internal AI system and allows you to quickly change backgrounds and other aspects by it recognising the subjects within the image.

Naturally, that’s on top of all the other intelligent features Photoshop holds, making it stand up there with the very best and used by all the biggest brands across the world.

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Ever wanted to create your own Mona Lisa or transform your images into the style of Van Gogh?

Prisma uses artificial intelligence to do exactly that!

The application identifies the various aspects of your photo or video and transforms it into a style of your choosing. The range of styles available is phenomenal, with you able to choose from the likes of Munch, Van Gogh and Picasso as well as a number of other classic styles.

You can play around with colours, filters and much more with Prisma and there are already a wide range of fantastic examples of what the app has created.

This is a mobile app rather than a piece of software that sits on a desktop and is perfect for jazzing up your Instagram snaps.


Deepart is another image based app that allows you to enhance your work via AI.

You can once again adapt styles to both famous artists and classic styles, although there is a little more sophistication as this is all done automatically for you.

It’s simple to use and can be done in just a few simple steps.

Firstly, you of course need to take a picture yourself of the scene or subject you would like to change the style of.

All you then need to do is choose your style and AI will create it for you. It’s an incredibly popular tool that has been seen in many publications such as The Guardian, The Washington Post and Wired.

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Let’s Enhance

One problem with images is often they can have low quality. Let’s Enhance is perfect for improving the quality of images and does so via artificial intelligence.

The programme has three filters in which it improves images. The Anti-JPEG filter will convert your images to a higher quality PNG, while the Boring filter can scale up your images up to four times without compromising any of the image’s quality.

The third filter is named Magic and is a fantastic filter that allows you to edit your photo and give you extra detailing within your image.

It’s a programme that’s free to use and is one of the best out there if you’re looking to improve your images.

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