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#1 Larissa Suzuki, technical director at Google Cloud

Championing diversity, inclusion, skills development and ethics in tech and business at Google Cloud, 2022 Woman of the Year at the Women in IT Awards UK Larissa Suzuki has used research and highly technical academic learnings to solve significant real-world problems across various sectors. A strong advocate for the ethical use of technology and data across the tech industry, Larissa has mentored over 400 women in tech, and contributed initiatives dedicated to building digital skills for deprived communities. 

Larissa joined Google as UK head of data and AI practice in 2020, leading a team of AI, ML and data science specialists with a focus on societal ethics, demonstrating understanding of the impact that big tech can have on the wider world and day-to-day life. From here, she took on the roles of technical director and AI ethics pioneer in 2022. 

Having been developing her STEM skillset since the age of seven, Larissa has also been putting her capabilities to good use outside of Google. As well as sharing her expertise at industry forums and societies, she also serves as a lecturer at Harvard University, teaching MLOps for tiny machine learning and responsible AI.

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