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#2 – Shaheen Sayed, senior managing director, technology lead UK and Ireland at Accenture

Shaheen Sayed was awarded the Woman of the Year award at the Women in IT Awards London 2020, with her work in healthcare and public service innovation being recognised. Her work has involved the rolling out of a diverse product portfolio that has facilitated synergy between the public and private sectors. This includes next-generation solutions that aid increased efficiency for healthcare providers, and an award-winning youth recruitment campaign in partnership with the British Army. 

This leader has been championing diversity and inclusion with a specific focus on gender, race and social mobility, while working her way up the career ladder at Accenture since joining in 2011. She has pioneered an unprecedented approach to address the underrepresentation of women in tech, developing a multichannel strategy that resulted in boosted female recruitment at the organisation. This led to Accenture’s entry recruitment levels reaching a 60:40 female to male ratio. 

Shaheen’s cross-disciplinary skillset and expertise has lended itself well towards emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Along with her role and commitments at Accenture, she also serves as a board member at The Prince’s Trust, as well as co-founding Outsiders, a non-profit organisation focused on the intersection of youth education and digital technology. 

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