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#3 – Naina Bhattacharya, Group CISO at Danone

With cybersecurity shifting from an area of challenge and burden to a strategic priority, businesses regardless of sector have needed to bring protection of data and infrastructure to the top of the corporate agenda. Naina Bhattacharya has been dedicated to leading cybersecurity operations at food distributor Danone, as well as increasing diversity and inclusion within the security space. Naina won Security Leader of the Year at the 2022 Women in IT Awards UK. 

Danone saw a shift in cybersecurity prioritisation within a year of Naina joining the organisation. She managed to lead the embedding of security focus into company culture, as well as helping to boost gender diversity within her field. 

Prior to joining Danone in 2020, Naina served in directorial cybersecurity positions at EY and Deloitte, demonstrating cybersecurity leadership skills across financial services as well as logistics. Her efforts in boosting gender diversity were made evident during this time too, with Naina co-leading Deloitte’s ‘Women in Cyber’ initiative in EMEA, as well as overseeing D&I initiatives for the EMEIA cyber team at EY. 

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