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#5 – Nitin Gupta, director, growth & transformation, UK financial services at Tata Consultancy Services

As well as collaborating with financial services organisations across the UK to drive growth and transformation across the sector, Nitin Gupta has been quintessential in supporting initiatives that advance the career development of female colleagues, using a global view based on humane values. This led to Nitin being voted Male Ally of the Year at the 2021 Women in IT Awards UK. 

Having served in leadership roles at TCS for over 20 years, Nitin has been helping financial service providers in the UK to get the best out of current technologies and innovate their user experiences. Overseeing multi-national teams of as many as 2,500 colleagues from United Kingdom, India, Europe, Africa and Middle East, Nitin championed observations and accommodation for each team’s respective cultures and beliefs.  

For a notable example of allyship for female colleagues, Nitin has provided all necessary support and flexibility for those going on or returning from maternity leave, including working hours, work from home, and assigning low-stress tasks where required. Additionally, he along with his leadership team volunteered to help organise the flagship TCS Corporate Social Responsibility event “Digital Explorers”, which saw notable uptake from female talent.

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