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#6 – Pooja Bagga, technology director/divisional CIO (technology, operations & fulfilment) at Royal Mail

The public sector is another traditional industry that has needed to greatly shift its operations in a relatively short space of time, in line with the needs of users. One prominent example of successful transformation in the space can be seen at Royal Mail

Pooja Bagga embraced digitisation and automation to pivot Royal Mail’s operating model, resulting in the biggest roll-out of PDAs in Europe, delivering 85,000 reliable devices to frontline workers in just three months. With a people-centric approach, Pooja saw her team evolve into a skilled, driven, energetic and flexible organisation in a space usually resistant to change in ways of working. Pooja oversees the awarded IT Team of the Year (led by a woman) for Public Sector at the 2022 Women in IT Awards UK. 

Pooja has been leading IT initiatives for Royal Mail Group since arriving at the company in 2017 from Transport for London. During her time at Royal Mail, she has transformed complex, long-standing legacy systems to ensure that data can be used collaboratively. Her extensive experience in the public sector space has led itself well towards ensuring that citizens can experience the highest possible benefits of service innovation. 

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