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#8 Pallavi Deshpande, transformation delivery lead at Pearson

The education sector has seen some much-needed digital transformation over the past few years, especially in order to mitigate the global pandemic. Much of the industry is made up of long-standing corporations with masses of legacy infrastructure, which have needed an array of technical and soft skills from the top down for transformation to be a success. 

Pallavi Deshpande joined multinational publishing and education company Pearson in January 2020, immediately challenging the status quo of how work was carried out. She looked to align all tech teams at the organisation under one architectural vision aided by cloud technology, while being sure to minimise technical debt generated as a result of said legacy infrastructure. Innovation was further encouraged through events dedicated to collaboratively finding and solving technical issues. 

As well as leading transformation delivery at Pearson, Pallavi is a certified Women in Technology Campaigner at the company, dedicated towards ensuring diversity and inclusion across tech teams to maintain innovation.

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