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#7 – Veera Johnson, co-founder of Circulor

Using blockchain and AI capabilities, Veera Johnson led the creation of the sustainability traceability platform Circulor, which allows for bolstered due diligence of raw materials from source to manufacturer. This work earned Veera the Sustainable Tech Award of the Year at the 2022 Women in IT Awards UK. 

A complex but crucial area of operations for businesses, tracking the ethical and sustainability credentials of the supply chain is key to demonstrating ESG efforts. Veera helped businesses show needed evidence of responsible sourcing of resources, as well as monitor inherited emissions from the supply chain. This allows for realisation of where things can be improved regarding reduction of environmental impacts. 

Away from Circulor, Veera has also been serving as board advisor for the Manufacturing Made Smarter department at UK Research and Innovation, as well as a tech and business board advisor at scudi BV, a company dedicated to social impact across the fintech sector. 

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