The top AI cyber security companies

Ai is being frequently used in cyber security as a tool for seeking and fixing system vulnerabilities around the clock without needing rest, and with cyber criminals constantly finding new ways to infiltrate company systems, companies can’t afford to let their guard down.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top cyber security companies for Ai implementation.


The services offered by Darktrace involve analysis of real-time company data via machine learning.

This allows for examination of any deviations from usual behaviour, which may suggest that a company’s system is under threat.

A notable Ai-powered platform offered by Darktrace is the Enterprise Immune System.


A main focus of Sophos‘ cyber security services is on endpoint protection using Ai, which is carried out through its Intercept X Endpoint product.

Also offered is its XG Firewall, which leverages its XStream DPI engine. This is connected to endpoints via Sophos’ Security Heartbeat.

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Fortinet‘s AI capabilities involve analysis of billions of cyber attacks, with intelligence based on analysis sent from its FortiGuard Labs to its customers.

The company also offers Ai-powered firewall technology in the form of FortiWeb, which features threat detection for web applications guided by two layers of statistics.


The Ai-powered security services offered by Symantec ranges from endpoint protection to defence for email and cloud applications.

Its Integrated Cyber Defence (ICD) is based in the cloud, which allows for the integration of a variety of services for cloud, on-premise and hybrid infrastructures.

Check Point

Check Point offer its customers the option of customising threat intelligence it receives via its IntelliStore platform, allowing for specific protection for the company’s needs.

Security from Check Point spans across cloud, on-premise and mobile infrastructures.

Additionally, the company offers services to governmental bodies as well as companies.


FireEye‘s unified platform of services and intelligence includes threat detection, prevention and response.

Mandiant threat intelligence comes in a range of packages which cater for a variety of needs that a company may have, including resource strategy, vulnerability prioritisation and intelligence by sector.


Ai-powered cyber security from Cynet comes in the form of Cynet 360, an automated and centralised breach protection platform.

Users can gain insight into threats and vulnerabilities, as well as being secured via an integrated defence system, which covers, but isn’t limited to, next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR).


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Vectra‘s cloud-native Cognito platform automates security operations that are usually carried out by in-house security staff.

Network metadata is extracted and analysed by sensors in order to operate machine learning and detect threats, before allowing for quick response.

BlackBerry Cylance

The threats that BlackBerry Cylance‘s AI security platform protects against include malware, file-less attacks and zero-day payload attacks.

Its main aim is to prevent threats before they infiltrate company systems and cause them damage.

Also on offer from the provider, which was acquired by BlackBerry in 2019, is its Cylance Protect for endpoint protection.

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