Tremor International acquires News Corp’s Unruly

The agreement will allow Tremor International to gain access to Unruly‘s 2000+ direct publisher integrations and advertising clientele, as well as sell outstream video on over 50 News Corp titles.

News Corp is expected to receive 6.91% of Tremor International assets, subject to an 18-month lockup period and certain adjustments, while Unruly CEO Norm Johnson and News UK CEO Rebekah Brooks are set to join Tremor International’s board of directors.

The deal, which is expected to be in place for three years, comes following comes following Tremor International’s acquisition of another digital advertising company, Rhythmone.

“With this deal, Unruly and the relationship with News Corp bolster Tremor International’s supply side platform, giving us a global footprint and allowing us to more rapidly take our recently acquired RhythmOne offering to an international market,” said Ofer Druker, CEO of Tremor International.

“Unruly’s positive brand awareness and the value it delivers to partners, including relationships with globally recognised media brands, will propel Tremor International’s business, particularly in the European and APAC markets where Tremor will run its business under the Unruly brand.”

Norm Johnston, CEO of Unruly, said: “Unruly will benefit from Tremor’s wide range of formats, including advanced TV and In-App, as well as an analytics suite and yield optimisation tools.

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“Together, we’ll bring the power of emotions to video advertising to drive better results for advertisers, higher levels of engagement for consumers and more revenue for publishers.

“We are also grateful for the opportunity for Unruly to continue partnering with News Corp and its businesses around the world, with whom we have worked so closely and productively for years.”

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