TSB Bank using the Dynatrace platform to accelerate innovation

Software intelligence company Dynatrace has today announced that TSB Bank is using its platform to accelerate innovation, in its drive to become an all-digital organisation

Having already built a multi-cloud banking platform on AWS, IBM Cloud, and BT Cloud, Dynatrace‘s capabilities will provide AI-powered answers and intelligent automation, aiding optimisation of front and back-end applications at TSB Bank.

This has enabled the organisation to solve problems before customers are impacted, while freeing valuable time for innovation.

The partnership, along with the already established multi-cloud infrastructure, will bolster operations across all key banking channels, including mobile, where over 70% of TSB customers prefer to transact.

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“Accelerating our digital transformation is the top priority for us, and Dynatrace is the killer app to help us achieve this,” said Suresh Viswanathan, COO of TSB Bank.

“To keep pace with our customers’ needs and how the market is evolving, we must ensure our digital services are best-in-class, always accessible, and easy to use.

“Dynatrace’s extensive observability and AIOps capabilities have been critical to our success. With Dynatrace, previously manual-intensive tasks are now managed automatically, freeing our teams to focus on what matters most – driving innovation for our customers and accelerating our digital transformation strategy.”

Observability for service enhancements

TSB customers rely on dozens of digital services to execute a single transaction, which can be as simple as a bank deposit or transfer.

By providing deep observability into each step of the digital journey, Dynatrace delivers real-time insight into performance, availability, and potential issues in the user interface.

This will help the TSB’s teams prioritise focus on service enhancements that will have the biggest impact on customer experience.

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“Dynatrace helps us to understand areas in the digital journey where improvements will deliver the greatest outcomes for our business and our customers,” Viswanathan continued.

“The platform has saved our teams from having to manually search for these insights, so they can instead focus on improving our digital connection with our customers.”

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