RPA company UiPath and Enate sign global reseller agreement

The UiPath and Enate agreement enables customers to deploy more robots, faster and with less risk, all while providing greater operational visibility and optimising performance.

Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform orchestrates the delivery and management of services across a digital workforce so humans can seamlessly pick up tasks that robots fail to complete due to process failures or exceptions. Enate allows operation at any scale, whatever the ratio of human to robot, accelerating RPA adoption and enabling the path to AI in the enterprise.

UiPath claims to be leading the ‘Automation First’ era, famous for predicting one robot for every person. It deliverers free and open training and collaboration, and enables robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning.

RPA predictions for 2019, from UiPath

Robotic process automation is growing fast, indeed Gartner has forecast that the RPA business will grow 57% over the next year. Here are six RPA predictions.

Prior to this latest agreement, the two companies had in any case been working closely together, for example UiPath and Enate products are deeply integrated to fast-track automation by enabling customers to govern and monitor a hybrid workforce of humans and robots.  An example of UiPath and Enate collaboration is the way Generali Link, part of the Generali Group, and a major player in the global insurance industry, has relied on UiPath and Enate for a combined solution that is accelerating RPA adoption.

As Karl Nolan, CEO at Generali Link said: “The energy level among our people on the service teams has completely changed. People are happier, we now measure the service in terms of compliments.”

UiPath appoints Marie Myers as chief financial officer

Former HP executive, Marie Myers, brings 20+ years of financial expertise to support UiPath’s continued global growth

Enate is also available as a connector in UiPath Go!, which allows customers to easily connect to Enate within UiPath Studio using a code-free ‘drag and drop’ interface. Enate also integrates with UiPath’s Orchestrator to synchronise platform-level information. This saves on set-up time and enables enhanced availability reporting to operation managers and team leaders.

Kit Cox, CEO of Enate said: “The future of work is digital with human workers working together to deliver incredible services. Enate is a platform that lets you manage this hybrid workforce effectively. Through our partnership, UiPath and Enate are defining the workforce for the 4th industrial revolution, allowing humans to be more human while our customers get digital faster.”

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