WIT Interview: Melissa Penton, OMERS

Following this year's Women in IT Awards and Summit Canada, OMERS change management lead Melissa Penton spoke with Information Age about the importance of workplace DEI, and her event experiences

As a member of the Women in IT Summit and Awards Canada community, Melissa Penton, change management lead at pensions provider OMERS has spoken about the need to bring humanity into the digital workplace, as office-based and remote work continues to converge into hybrid models of working.

At Ontario pensions provider OMERS, Melissa plays a key role in helping the entire workforce to stay capable of collectively innovating, aiding the closing of digital skills gaps and advocating for a continuously diverse, equitable and inclusive company culture. Her responsibility for overseeing enterprise resource planning (ERP) ensures that employees are kept on their specific career development journeys.

Additionally, the workplace training specialist brings extensive knowledge and interest around the world of Web 3.0, as well as marketing innovation trends. Prior to joining OMERS in 2018, she served in a range of consulting, career counselling and learning coordination positions.

Melissa spoke with Information Age in the wake of the 2023 Women in IT Awards and Summit Canada, in Toronto, which celebrated and recognised the role of diverse tech talent across industries, and raised awareness of the importance of hiring and retention strategy being entrenched in DEI.

At the time of writing, we are in the lead-up to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Women in IT Awards UK, which went on to set the whole event series in motion. Find out more about upcoming events in the Women in IT Summit and Awards Series, and how to register for attendance, here.


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