WIT Interview: Sophie Davies-Patrick, MPB

2021 Women in IT award winner Sophie Davies-Patrick, CTO of MPB, spoke to Information Age about her event experiences, and the importance of DEI in tech

Having served as chief technology officer at video and photography equipment provider MPB since April 2020, Sophie Davies-Patrick has been aiding tech innovation for businesses ranging from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies, for over 20 years. Previous tech leadership experience has included stints at American Express, Clearleft and Yahoo!.

In her role, Sophie has led development of a long-term implementation strategy to prioritise work, based on delivering business and customer value with predictability. With true innovation calling for a continuously evolving digital journey over time, agile product development combined with a team bringing various ideas and backgrounds have been key.

Playing a key role in helping the organisation navigate a complex business landscape during the pandemic, Sophie’s tech leadership guidance and achievements earned her the 2021 CTO of the Year award at the Women in IT Awards UK.

In the lead-up to the Women in IT Awards UK’s 10th anniversary, Sophie discussed her career journey, how tech leaders can maintain a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture across the organisation, and the importance of recognition of diverse talent across the tech sector.

Find out more about upcoming events in the Women in IT Summit and Awards Series, and how to register for attendance, here.


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