Workplace AI startup launched after successful funding

The newly funded startup has produced an AI bot that can be used to delegate work to human employees.

The bot, which can be named by users, relies on Invisible‘s Digital Assembly Line, which can accommodate a variety of workplace tasks.

These can range from scheduling and market research to employee onboarding and cleaning up the user’s inbox.

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CEO and co-founder of Invisible, Francis Pedraza, stated that the startup aims to produce “the best assistant in the world”.

“There’s just so much to do, and so little time,” Pedraza added. “But then I realized that even if I did [hire an assistant], I would delegate so much work that my assistant would need an assistant, and so on.”

“That’s when I had the idea: a single bot that can do everything, coordinating humans around the world doing the work.”

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Invisible customer, CEO and Founder of Greatist Derek Flanzraich, was keen to explain how the bot “exponentially improves my time”.

“Arthur [Mr Flanzraich’s bot] allows me to spend my time in the right way and in more valuable places.”

“I found Invisible to be the most seamless onboarding, execution, implementation of an assistant online that I’ve ever worked with.”

According to the startup, the bot can save up to 41% of a user’s time, and costs $10 per hour.



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