2019 most successful year for voice cloud provider Natterbox

Providing cloud-based telephony services since 2009, Natterbox also recorded a 60% increase in its employee base since 2017.

As for the number of interactions the company supported in 2019, this amounted to 67 million calls, an increase of over 31% from the previous year, adding up to 150 million minutes.

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“We have seen growth above 40% for three consecutive years and massively added to our customer portfolio with well-renowned businesses that we are honoured to work with and support,” said Neil Hammerton, CEO and co-founder of Natterbox.

“Natterbox’s main aim when it was founded was to transform the telephony customer experience with personalisation and a customer service strategy that businesses can be proud of – and that hasn’t changed.

“Customer service has never been more critical as the digital age continues to increase customer expectations, meaning brands are challenged by waning loyalty.”

The company, the services of which are embedded entirely within Salesforce, had secured Series A funding from Octopus Investments in 2018, which went towards investment in product innovation.

Its interface, Freedom, was introduced in November 2019 to allow its customers to use its capabilities remotely and on any device.

“We are excited to see what other parts of the world have in store for us as we head into the New Year,” Hammerton continued. “2020 will be a year of blitz growth for Natterbox as we storm the telephony industry with innovation and provide our customers, old and new, with ever-evolving technology and solutions.

“We hope they are as excited as we are.”

Natterbox’s customer base is spread across over 45 countries, with offices present in the UK, US and Australia.

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