2021 AVEVA Academic Program Competition announced

Open to residents in the United States, Canada, UK and EU countries, the AVEVA competition provides chemical engineering students with the chance to develop their process simulation skills.

Tasked with solving real-world engineering problems while utilising AVEVA Process Simulation, the competitions offer the opportunity to participate in an AVEVA internship or receive a $3,000 cash prize.

The AVEVA Process Simulation platform covers the entire engineering lifecycle of design, simulation and training, and is designed to enable the next generation of engineers, with prior experience in engineering not being required.

The tool also promotes cost minimisation when it comes to operating, utilities, and CapEx by optimising equipment size.

This year’s competition will be split into three parts, each with its own deadline (15th February; 15th March; and 15th April), which allows students to enter the competition multiple times, while also supporting their academic coursework.

Additionally, participants will be able to undertake a different project on three occasions, which can lead to a wide range of skills, knowledge and practical experience being nurtured as a result.

Entrants will be judged on quality, completeness and precision of their project entry, as well as their process engineering and simulation abilities, among other criteria.

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“Building on the success of previous years, the 2021 academic competition is designed to attract aspiring engineers, allowing them to transfer the skills they have learned in the classroom into real-life engineering problems,” said Mihaela Hahne, global program manager, academic at AVEVA.

“By offering practical experience through our industry-leading software, AVEVA is empowering the next generation of engineers and ensuring they are well-prepared for working in the industrial sector.”

Past participants

The winner of the 2019 North America competition, Ryan Muir, was hired by AVEVA after his internship, and encourages other students to enter this year.

Muir said: “The competition is an exciting, yet challenging opportunity for students to attain some very useful hands-on experience utilising AVEVA Process Simulation, as well as interact with drivers in simulation.

“It will also provide a competitive advantage for all those contestants preparing to enter full-time work. As an AVEVA employee today, I have been able to leverage the practical and creative experiences that the competition provided for my career growth and development as a models and applications engineer.”

Other competition alumni have gone on to work with AVEVA’s industrial sector customers, such as Covestro.

Jochen Steimel, expert process simulation software lead at Covestro, commented: “AVEVA Process Simulation enables us to predict performance and optimise processes with a high degree of accuracy, enabling our engineers to focus on innovation.

“It’s inspiring to see AVEVA’s academic competition giving our future colleagues the opportunity to have contact with a next-generation simulation tool before they leave education.

“Equation-oriented simulation and open-equation modelling will be a key element in the industry of tomorrow, and AVEVA is leading the way in the industry by empowering students with this early insight.”

Entry to this year’s AVEVA Academic Program Competition, along with more information, on its respective webpages for North America and Europe.

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