5 things you probably didn’t know about user-generated content

As the name says it, user-generated content is created by your customers. But why will your users or customers create content for your brand? This is because a brand owner offers its users a platform to put forth their talent and skill to be recognised and appreciated by the masses.

If a particular content submitted by a user gets selected, it is then temporarily made the face of the brand or a similar such thing. Given below are 5 lesser known facts and advantages of user-generated content that most brand owners fail to notice.

1. Is easy to run, inexpensive and simple to manage:

Many people are of the opinion that allowing users to create content and then publicising it is a tedious process. However, the reality is a tad different.

User-generated content is not just easy to run but extremely convenient too. It is a win-win situation for your customers and you since they get a platform to showcase their talents, while you get an opportunity to expose your brand to more viewers.

Also, since there is no financial investment on creating content on your front, it is lighter on your pocket too. All you need to do is pick the best material among the many that arrive at your doorstep and use them under your brand name for as long as legally and mutually decided.

2. Brings out the best in your customers:

Everyone is looking to present their talents, pictures and capabilities in front of the world. If given such a chance, they will grab it with both hands and bring out the best of bets in themselves to present it forth. You can be that chance-giver through your brand.

Your brand users will present before you the best of their creation and you will be choosing from among several such content creators. A good example here is the Starbucks cup design which was a user-generated content idea.

Many users submitted original and happening designs to be printed on the limited-edition Starbucks reusable cup. The best of the best design was selected and made it to the cup design for a certain period of time.

3. Is authentic and of good quality:

The biggest hidden advantage of user-generated content is that you or your team no longer need to rack your brains to come up with innovative ideas and designs to market your brand. You can simply throw open a competition or a contest in which you get users to participate.

You can then work on a strategy or idea playing around the number of designs or customer pictures you receive, and then market your brand accordingly. This way, your content will be fresh, authentic, and you won’t even be compromising on the quality of it. Speak about user-generated content!

4. There is no limit to what you can expect:

Resorting to marketing your brand by user-generated content is a sure-shot way of being able to focus on other things at hand pertaining to your brand while your marketing content solely relies on users.

It is nothing but a good idea in this regard since there is no prior expectation whatsoever. You cannot set any bars or ceilings to what you can expect out for the masses in terms of content. There are multiple content creators out there who will surprise you with their pictures and original style, all showcasing them in the content they provide you with.

5. Provides free publicity of your brand value:

What if one, or a few, of your users, happen to be social media celebrities? And it is a better situation if such people decide to create content for your brand so that they get a chance to keep their talents in front of a bunch of people.

In that case, they will be advertising their content under your brand name on all their social media accounts which will be nothing but free publicity for your brand.

This is quite beneficial in the long run. Many brand owners tend to underestimate the value of user-generated content and the effect that a social media influence can bring about. You can both these aspects at your disposal to make yourself known to many people altogether.

How can you get your user-generated content running?

Know your target audience:

Whether it is children, teenagers, youngsters or senior citizens, you need to be aware of your target audience. Look for ways where your audience is most likely to be spending their time, and address and advertise your brand there.

Even if it is user-generated, you need to pick your advertising options and sites very carefully for your brand to flourish and grow.

Employ innovative strategies:

As mentioned before, look for innovative strategies so that your brand is exposed to the maximum people out there.

This aspect is important since you need to look for ways so that people praise and appreciate your brand and not criticise it on a large scale. Strategies are important since you are looking to improve your brand value, not decrease it.

Make use of social media:

Nowadays, social media is the marketing boon of the digital industry. You must be active on social media sites for your brand to grow in name and value.

Especially in case of user-generated content, you need to be doubly active in order to get the word out there to your users so that they can create content, publicizing your brand.


There is much more to user-generated content than is mentioned in the above points. There are many more advantages which only a grand owner can experience while they are working on the same.

It is quite liberating and gives you an insight into what can be the future of marketing if done properly and correctly. Make use of these advantages, and resort to user-generated content as soon as you can.

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