Adaptive Lab joins Capgemini’s digital design network

Business consultants Capgemini have added Adaptive Lab to their network of digital designers, to meet the high demand for digital services.

The decision sees the French business consultancy firm, which was launched back in 1967 as an IT company, try to meet the high demand for end-to-end digital services.

UK-based Adaptive Lab, which was established in 2009, is comprised of 50 designers, developers and strategists, the clientele of whom also includes Santander, Vodafone and Three, the latter of which the developers collaborated with to launch unused data refund scheme ‘Smarty’.

Capgemini’s head of digital services, Cyril Garcia, says that the association will allow the company “to redefine their businesses and embrace disruptive technologies quickly for competitive advantage.

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“Adaptive Lab’s track record of working with marquee clients on high stakes projects is impressive and totally complementary to our digital services portfolio.

“We are delighted to welcome them to the Group, and are sure they will play an instrumental role in growing our global network of studios under the Capgemini Group’s Idean brand, dedicated to creative design studios.”

Capgemini has been with current digital developers Idean since February 2017.

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Commenting on the joining of forces between Adaptive Lab and Idean, the former’s founder and managing director James Haycock says that the two companies are on the same page when it comes to the idea of ‘beta businesses’, which brings together small teams with a variety of design, business and technology skills.

“Idean shares our philosophy and our ambition to take this modern approach global.” says Haycock.

“They also recognise our special culture and how important this is in attracting the best talent and delivering impactful work.”

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