Arqit selected by DCMS to integrate quantum encryption for 5G

Arqit Quantum Inc. has been selected by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) for a 5G project that integrates quantum encryption, enabling security by default

A project with the involvement of quantum encryption provider Arqit has been selected by DCMS to develop a wideband solution for 5G cellular Open RAN platforms.

Funded as part of the DCMS and the Future RAN Competition (FRANC), the project aims to democratise radio access networks (RANs), in order to end vendor lock-in and improve flexibility, affordability, and interoperability.

This mission is in line with the UK Government’s recently announced plan to see 35% of cellular traffic in the country carried over Open RAN architectures by 2030, to diversify the 5G supply chain.

Arqit’s QuantumCloud platform will be incorporated into the scheme, in the aim to render 5G security unbreakable, even by a quantum computer.

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David Williams, founder, chairman and CEO of Arqit, said: “We are delighted that Arqit has been chosen as a partner on DCMS’ FRANC project.

“This project will benefit from Arqit’s globally unique, transformational quantum safe encryption, which will be a major step in securing the wider network and its devices.”

Additional information on the FRANC grant awardees can be found here.

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