CCI Kenya: why more companies are turning towards the BPO sector in East Africa

CCI Kenya discusses why BPO (business process outsourcing) is a proven strategy to cost-effective international expansion

Sound strategic business management not only focuses on the present and operating in a highly effective way but also caters for the potential for growth and leaner operating costs.

And as part of their scale-up strategies, many companies are now implementing business process outsourcing (BPO). By this, we mean outsourcing key business functions, such as your customer service, lead generation and administrative processes, to trusted overseas partners in regions such as India and Africa.

In this article, Rishi Jatania, Managing Director of CCI Kenya, explains why more and more companies are turning towards the BPO sector in East Africa to outsource their customer service divisions, consumer sales function, and administrative processes, to achieve lower operating costs whilst maintaining excellent customer service delivery.

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The benefits of process offshoring – CCI Kenya Call Centre

Thanks to mobile technology and rising international standards in the training of high-quality staff in foreign countries, cost-effective international outsourcing is now being used by companies in various industries. This is particularly prominent in technology hardware, telecommunications, logistics and leisure sectors, with the likes of Lenovo, Telefónica and DHL all choosing international BPO as a means to achieve their global delivery network.

Why? Leading brands engage with the offshoring industry (including BPO providers in East Africa) because they know in doing so, they can grow customer sales and customer engagement; and ultimately grow their business in the process – much easier and more cost-effectively than in their domestic region.

Outsourcing business processes is beneficial for several reasons, which include but are not limited to:

Companies can focus on core specialist activities

Doing everything internally can seem idealistic, but it’s hard to get every business activity executed efficiently in-house, and it’s also often a costly route. If companies outsource more process-driven tasks to a BPO provider, they can focus on specialist activities (such as your boardroom strategy, creative departments, and pitching for new business) instead of getting bogged down with customer service functions and administrative departments. Outsourcing is a better way to sustain specialist capabilities and manage wider processes.

CCI Kenya, as part of the wider CCI Group (CCI Global), is the largest provider of business process outsourcing in Kenya, offering companies the ability to cost-effectively outsource entire aspects of their customer life cycle, including:

  • Customer service inquiries and international call centre
  • Customer acquisition processes and lead engagement support
  • Data entry, back-office support, and insurance processing
  • Customer loyalty schemes, renewals, and cancellations
  • Consumer sales, lead generation and digital marketing

Better efficiency

In a fast-paced commercial environment, BPO of digital customer management strategies can help businesses keep up with the pace. International outsourcing of your customer life-cycle processes to specialist partners who are proficient in this space means companies can deliver the same high-quality processes at a lower cost while increasing productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

It’s easier to control costs

Taking on swathes of new employees is always a risk, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing to BPO partners, such as CCI Kenya, is a much more cost-effective way to deal with fluctuating capacity as your business sways (customer base increases/decreases) and varying monthly funds. Businesses who impulsively choose to hire for internal departments instead end up exploiting their employees, leaving them with duties outside of their remit in order to either deal with the pick-up of pace or the downtime in customer demand. BPO partners allow companies to deliver excellent customer service with controlled and measured processes.

CCI Kenya | East Africa is a prime location for BPO

CCI Kenya, a division of CCI Global and the wider CCI Group (Call Centre International), is located in Nairobi. CCI Kenya is the leading business process outsourcing company in East Africa. They work with leading brands made up of both domestic clients and international clients, offering cost-effective offshoring services and helping develop long-term partnerships.

Generally speaking, some of the more mature markets for BPO include the Philippines and India, where front-end customer service takes precedence. However, in recent years, world-class solutions have been developed in Africa as it’s become one of the best locations for business process outsourcing.

Thanks to mobile technology, businesses all over the world are starting to recognise the potential of Africa for business process outsourcing. A highly educated and youthful population continuously looking to develop a lasting career in customer management services.

MD of CCI Kenya, Rishi Jatania, said: “Kenya is a country that has shown tremendous return in the BPO industry as it has access to thousands of English-speaking, highly educated digital native employees. A number of factors have really contributed to Kenya becoming a BPO destination, including the native fluency in English, Kenya’s cultural affinities with Western norms, a stable economic environment and a highly developed digital infrastructure. It has become a no-brainer for businesses in the US, UK, Europe and Australia to consider East Africa as an outsourcing partner to deliver all types of processes, including to deliver consumer sales.”

For more information, please visit CCI Kenya.

This article was written as part of a content campaign with CCI Kenya.


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