AWS announces launch of Amazon AppFlow

The new managed service from AWS, Amazon AppFlow, allows users to automate private, bidirectional data flows without needing to write custom integration code, or construct custom connectors.

The service accommodates data flows between AWS and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications such as Salesforce, Trend Micro, ServiceNow and Slack.

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Multiple triggers for these data flows will be available to users, including one-time on-demand transfers, routine data syncs scheduled at pre-determined times, and event-driven transfers when launching a campaign.

Additionally, AWS AppFlow works with AWS PrivateLink to route data flows through the AWS network as opposed to over the Internet, allowing for increased privacy and security.

AWS customers can use Amazon AppFlow at no extra cost, and only need to pay for the amount of flows they run and the volume of data processed.

The product is currently available in the following regions, with further availability to follow:

  • Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt and Ireland;
  • North America: Northern Virginia, Ohio, Northern California, Oregon and Central Canada;
  • South America: São Paulo;
  • Asia Pacific: Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Sydney.

“Our customers tell us that they love having the ability to store, process, and analyse their data in AWS,” said Kurt Kufeld, vice-president at AWS. “They also use a variety of third party SaaS applications, and they tell us that it can be difficult to manage the flow of data between AWS and these applications.

“Amazon AppFlow provides an intuitive and easy way for customers to combine data from AWS and SaaS applications without moving it across the public Internet. With Amazon AppFlow, our customers bring together and manage petabytes, even exabytes, of data spread across all of their applications – all without having to develop custom connectors or manage underlying API and network connectivity.”

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Potential Use Cases

A spokesperson for AWS partner Experian, VP & chief enterprise architect Geoff Dzhafarov, commented: “Amazon AppFlow’s ability to connect our 50+ martech platforms with our AWS back-end will empower us to work better as a team to empower our customers to take control of their financial future.

“Our business users will be able to leverage AWS for 360 degree customer insights and personalisation, while our technical team is freed up to further innovate on behalf of the customer.”

In addition, Salesforce‘s general manager, platform, trailhead & developers, Sarah Franklin, discussed what the launch of Amazon AppFlow means to partnering SaaS applications.

“With Amazon AppFlow integrating directly with Salesforce Private Connect, joint customers will be able to establish a secure, private connection for passing data back and forth between the Salesforce and AWS platforms,” she said.

“Because these connections can be set up by Salesforce admins in just a few clicks, companies can cut down on costly and timely engineering resources, and begin doing more with their data faster than ever before.”


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