1.4 million businesses at risk of power outages, says study

The study found that 75% of senior professionals said that all or most of their workforce use computers and rely on information stored on local servers, while 72% of businesses said operations and revenue would be disrupted by power related issues.

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Additionally, 62% of employees declared that they have experienced a power failure at work in the past, while 39% stated that they either don’t have a power continuity plan in place, or didn’t know.

UPS Systems’ report, which surveyed 200 UK-based senior professionals, came months after a warning by the House of Lords back in January that the UK could be more vulnerable to power shortages post-Brexit.

“This new data doesn’t surprise us,” said John Peers, CEO of UPS Systems. “We’ve seen a great uptake of our products in recent years as more and more businesses realise the importance of protecting their systems and data.

“Sadly, though, we still get the odd client who has suffered a great financial loss to their business as a result of not having protective systems in place – which is why it’s so important to us that we share this insight.”

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Elsewhere in the world, however, there may be an upcoming trend in the works in regards to the installation of UPS’s.

The cost of a power outage can be seen within notable past cases of power outages; It is believed that Google’s 2013 outage, for example, cost the company £100,000 per minute.


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