Canonical announces launch of Anbox Cloud

Anbox Cloud will allow enterprises and app developers to scale mobile applications in the cloud.

Canonical‘s new platform will also be able to develop enterprise workplace apps, software tests and device virtualisation.

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The platform will also be able to emulate Android devices while testing apps, and development can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines.

While developers using Anbox Cloud can provide more control over costs and scale, the end users that will experience this increased control will be more able to manage large workloads by offloading compute, storage and energy-intensive apps to the cloud and stream workloads to their device.

“Driven by emerging 5G networks and edge computing, millions of users will benefit from access to ultra-rich, on-demand Android applications on a platform of their choice,” said Stephan Fabel, director of product at Canonical. “Enterprises are now empowered to deliver high performance, high density computing to any device remotely, with reduced power consumption and in an economical manner.”

Moving Android applications to the cloud will accelerate the digital transformation of companies while managing data privacy and compliance.

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Canonical is the developer of operating system Ubuntu.

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