Data management software firm, Azquo, appoints new chairman

Rhoddy Swire, the founder of global fund firm Pantheon Ventures LLP, has joined data management software firm, Azquo, as chairman.

He has been appointed to help take the business to the next level.

On his appointment, Swire commented: “I’m excited to bring my many years of experience to the team at Azquo and help this extraordinary British company achieve its full potential.”

Data — the new gold

“Data is the new gold among the business community,” said Swire, a former High Sheriff of Shropshire.

“The way it is stored, managed, processed and integrated has never been more important — and that’s why Azquo is such an important piece of software.”

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Azquo — data management software

Azquo has developed a new approach to storing, labelling and utilising data within a business. It says this makes the process much easier and more effective for businesses.

Swire continued: “The team has developed one of the most important application-building tools since the spreadsheet was invented back in 1978.

“Financial directors, CEOs and senior managers need to have the flexibility to request various different reports at different times and need their data software to be able to adapt and run reports quickly, efficiently and more importantly — accurately.”

Edward Cawley, Azquo’s head of technology, added: “We’re at the beginning of a really exciting turn in our journey here at Azquo and we’re delighted to have Rhoddy on board.

“He’s going to be a great asset to the team and really help us take that next step on the ladder.”

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