Ex-NVIDIA executive Ido Bukspan appointed new CEO of Pliops

The semiconductor veteran will lead all operations at data processor startup Pliops, as former CEO Uri Beitler shifts focus to strategy

As new Pliops CEO, Bukspan will oversee progression towards the Israel-based startup’s goal of enabling efficient data storage and protection services for enterprise SSD environments.

Most recently, Bukspan served as vice-president of chip design at NVIDIA, leading the semiconductor giant’s Chip Design Networking unit.

Prior to this, the new appointment spent almost 20 years at Mellanox Technologies, holding a range of chip design leadership roles up until its $7bn acquisition by NVIDIA in 2019.

Meanwhile, former CEO and co-founder Uri Beitler will take on the role of chief strategy & business development officer, focusing on developing strategic partnerships and creating new business opportunities to promote growth.

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“I’m excited to join Pliops and continue to integrate the advanced technology it developed – together with its founders, Uri, Moshe and Aryeh, and the company’s leaders and employees. Pliops is experiencing an excellent momentum for continued growth and expansion,” said new Pliops CEO, Bukspan.

Beitler commented: “I am very proud of Pliops’ achievements to date and am excited to work closely with Ido, who has an impressive track record.

“I have no doubt that Ido will successfully lead Pliops forward and help implement our product roadmap and integrations with our customers.”

Pliops chairman Aryeh Mergi added: “In his position as CEO, Uri built and led Pliops from the day it was established to many outstanding achievements.

“Now, in bringing on Ido, we are adding someone with substantial experience in our target markets, and I have no doubt that the impressive career Ido built at NVIDIA and his leadership capabilities will help Pliops accelerate its current positive momentum to increase growth and expansion into additional markets.”

The change in Pliops’s leadership team comes as enterprises increase demand for specialised data protection in response to evolving cyber attack tactics.

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About Pliops

Founded in 2017, Pliops has looked to offer a solution for the rapidly growing volumes of data in the enterprise, and solve computational performance issues.

The company’s data processor, a decisive response to the AI revolution, can facilitate compute power delivery for up to 32 SSDs.

To date, the startup has secured around $215m from investors including NVIDIA, AMD, Intel Capital, SoftBank and SK hynix

Information Age spoke with Pliops executives in its native Tel Aviv, about how the company was going about overcoming SSD performance bottlenecks with software-defined redundant array of independent disk (RAID) technology. You can read more here.


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