Do you value your personal data? 63% of people do not read terms and conditions on mobile apps

Brits need to take back control when it comes to securing their digital and mobile lives, a new research report by Intel Security has advised.

People spend more time on our smartphones and tablets today than ever before, downloading games on the go, banking online or conducting the weekly grocery shop.

However, despite the rise in the use of mobile apps, of the 2,000 UK adults surveyed in Intel’s study, 63% were unaware of the personal information they could be giving away by not reading terms and conditions on the apps they download.

Those aged 18-24 years old were less likely to read the T&C’s with 65% of this age category choosing not to do so. 41% of respondents cited a lack of time being as the main reason for not reading through the terms and conditions and other reasons included that they simply do not care about them because they want to the app regardless (20%), and that they trust app stores (20%).

Whilst app stores do make efforts to ensure malware-laden apps are kept off their shelves, it still occurs. McAfee Labs found that over 80% of Android apps track users and collect personal information. Apps are also the main way that malware can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

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Evidently, the same level of diligence applied to protecting PCs and laptops does not translate to mobile. The study reveals that over half of UK mobile users (57%) do not believe it is their responsibility to protect their own devices, despite recent reports revealing that one in six Brits have fallen victim to cyber attacks and 60% of mobiles are at risk due to a lack of malware protection.

“It should come as no surprise that cybercriminals are turning their attention to mobile given that the same precautions we take on our PC or in the real world don’t always seem to apply in our mobile lives,” said Intel Security’s VP of consumer, Nick Viney.

“To combat this risk, we must take back control and practice basic security measures to ensure we’re not unknowingly handing over our most valuable and personal information to cybercriminals.”

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