Don’t risk your technologies being held at customs

Often, it takes time, money, and a keen eye for detail as even those well-versed in logistics can have a difficult time procuring all the proper documentation the receiving country requires them to provide.

When it comes to sending technologies, customs personnel will treat them with the upmost caution; these types of materials are heavily scrutinised on the account of them being dual-use goods.

This means they can be used for both civilian and military purposes. Rather than taking on a complex process, you’re unfamiliar with, trust a global distributions partner that will ensure you receive compliant clearance.

TecEx is one Importer of Record that specialises in shipping IT equipment internationally. They work regularly in over 120 countries across the globe where they may take on the role of a traditional customer in the event of a technologies lease, both taking responsibility for the goods and seeing that they arrive at their intended destination post clearance.

They’re also able to do the legwork on the preapproval process, applying for all necessary permits and licences on behalf of their clients, as well as preparing the commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill.

If you’re an IT reseller and you want to save on costs when shipping equipment globally IOR services like this alleviate stress on the client’s part because the company is familiar with each country’s rules and regulations; they know which hoops to jump through to ensure all materials are guaranteed entry no matter how challenging the course.

The preapproval process takes about 1-3 days with complete clearance awarded 3-7 days thereafter. This allows clients to give those leasing an accurate estimated time of arrival as they know that no matter what, they’re shipment will clear within ten days of their invoice being accepted.

Once the materials pass through customs, this company takes their hands-on service one step further; they liaise with their client’s chosen freight service or forwarder, so they know exactly where the equipment is going.

Clients may also utilize this importer’s very own courier services in case their preferred service is unavailable in a given country.

Furthermore, they make tracking packages simple by giving their clients access to a convenient online portal; here they may check which stage of the process the package is in and connect with their client services representative should they have any special requests to relay to the on-the-ground team.

Finally, this company offers the added benefit of value-added tax recovery for all items from at least 40 of the above countries, potentially saving technology resellers a great deal of money. Clients can expect to receive their taxes back within 6 months of their shipment clearing.

Why risk a costly hold up at the border, or legal trouble from a country that could potentially provide you with many lucrative business partnerships? Allow an importer of record to take the reigns and worry about the safe and compliant transfer of your assets so that you don’t have to.

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