Dynatrace launches Grail data lakehouse

Software intelligence provider Dynatrace has today launched its new Grail core technology, helping businesses drive value from unified data sources and context

Unifying observability, security and business data from cloud-native and multi-cloud environments, the new data lakehouse will allow Dynatrace customers to leverage context of data assets.

Grail consists of a massively parallel processing (MPP) analytics engine, and leverages the new Dynatrace Query Language (DQL) for context-rich log analytics.

Visibility brought by said context, along with all data sources being accessible from one centralised portal, will help organisations to better prepare and respond to cyber threats.

The product looks to take data management beyond commonly expensive and siloed manual methods, including data indexing and rehydration, in addition to managing multiple data repositories.

As an additional core technology of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform, Grail combines with the vendor’s other platform technologies, including AI processing solution Davis, and discovery tool OneAgent.

“Organisations are painfully in need of a revolutionary approach to observability, security, and business data analytics that transcends the performance limits of their existing solutions by as much as 100x for complex use cases, while relieving existing cost constraints for managing cloud-native and multi-cloud environments,” said Bernd Greifeneder, founder and CTO at Dynatrace.

“Grail delivers by boosting the Dynatrace-approach to causal AI, which retains data-context with precision and at massive scale. Starting with logs, Grail makes it possible for teams to leverage instant analytics for any query or question cost-effectively.”

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According to Stephen Elliot, group vice-president, I&O, cloud operations, and DevOps at IDC, “Sprawling and dynamic cloud-native and multi-cloud environments are an ecosystem of various technologies and services, and the composition changes by the second.

“This paradigm makes it critical for organisations to acquire a platform with advanced AI, analytics, and automation capabilities. The platform must be able to ingest all observability, security, and business data, put it in an accurate context in real time, and facilitate access to data-backed insights when needed.”

Grail for log management and analytics is expected to become available within the next 30 days, for customers using Dynatrace SaaS on AWS.


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