Emergence Partners launched to aid navigation within new normal

A bulk of companies from all industries have been forced into unprecedented digital transformations in order to survive, and Emergence Partners is aiming to help them make the best of the current situation.

Comprised of an executive team with prior leadership experience at companies such as Accenture and Serco, the firm will serve to help businesses incorporate emerging technologies and guide them through the fourth industrial revolution.

The digital economy is predicted to produce 60 million jobs by 2025, but almost 1 in 3 business leaders admit to struggling to implement new tech such as robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML).

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“A large proportion of failed attempts at tech adoption today can be traced back to a few key causes,” said David Poole, CEO of Emergence Partners. “All too often, organisations look to implement technology without a wider consideration for the long-term business objectives it will help to achieve.

“Without a long-term vision for how the changes will inspire sustainable transformation, businesses will never be able fully tap into the exponential benefits these technologies promise.

“The recent pandemic has highlighted the lack of corporate resilience to major disruption. There is a lack of resilience framework planning or in place across organisations – this is precisely where Emergence comes in.

“We need to talk about business resilience instead of recovery. Combining a wealth of experience from implementing technological change at multinational companies, we hope to be a catalyst for change for business leaders across the globe.”

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The services that are set to be provided include strategic process design, technology immersion, strategic roadmap development, and executive education & coaching.

This, in turn, could improve wellbeing and ease uncertainty among employees, and prevent businesses from being left behind by the competition.

Recent research from Bain & Company revealed that just 8% of companies had been truly digitally transformed and were remaining competitive, which paints a figure of uncertainty across organisations that is bound to have been intensified since the current pandemic took hold.


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