Evernote seeks to improve focus with new update

Focus! We all get interrupted, but how much does that cost us? We may get a sudden inspiration, how do we make a note of this without excessively interfering with our flow?

Evernote thinks it may have an answer with an update to its product designed to work with both Salesforce and Slack.

When combined with Slack the update provides a feature for storing conversations and making them easy to find and a method for making it easier to make a note of an idea, perhaps a flash of inspiration that might jump into your head, without interrupting your workflow.

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When combined with Salesforce, the update allows you to:

  • pin certain notes, making them easier to find by your team;
  • it also provides a way to scan and edit business cards and other information;
  • a synchronisation and searchable notes feature;
  • and an activity history so that records created in Salesforce automatically show up in your activity log.

Evernote cited research from the University of California, Irvine study, which found that having to refocus your efforts after an interruption can take up to 23 minutes.

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Apparently, 74% of Millennials and Gen Z say they get distracted. Just shy of a half say that apps that don’t work intuitively together make them feel unmotivated, and 41% say it stresses them out, finds research from Udemy.

It turns out that 72% of people who use Salesforce spend up to an hour every day on data entry and connecting records from different sales tools. That sounds like a distraction.

Evernote’s new update is an attempt to fix this. It says: “Evernote helps users have a place to house unstructured data so teams can stay on track and updated in real time,” it says.

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