Green Network Energy UK to deploy Salesforce

According to an announcement, Green Network Energy UK will deploy Salesforce’s CRM technology to provide employees with a more comprehensive view of customer accounts.

Since opening its UK business in 2016, Green Network Energy UK has gained 420,000 active residential accounts as well as 2,800 active business accounts.

“Our aim has always been to make our customers feel special. Working with Salesforce, we are taking our next step to making our customers feel even better,” said Sabrina Corbo, founder and CEO of Green Network Energy UK. “We are committing to an enhanced relationship with our customers and showing that we are here to make a big difference as a big organisation in the energy sector.”

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Green Network Energy UK’s deployment of salesforce is part of a broader digital transformation and customer care programme. With Salesforce, the energy provider also wants to provide customers with a new self-service online portal that allows them to manage their account; from service updates to submitting meter readings, renewing tariffs to viewing communications

“The relationship that we establish with our customers goes far beyond the typical customer/supplier relationship to look at how we can help business disrupt their industries and reimagine the customer experience,” said Sanj Bhayro, Senior Vice President, EMEA Cloud Sales at Salesforce. “Much like other industries, customers’ expectations in the energy sector are on the rise, with customers demanding a seamless brand experience, getting support when they need it and on the channel of their choice. We’re delighted to be working with Green Network Energy to realise their vision of connected, personalised service.”

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