February 2002

Cover story:
Tough on the causes of crime
Tracking insider computer crime is hard enough. But proving guilt can be even harder. more…

Supplier scrutiny
Are dedicated supplier relationship management software packages necessary to effectively manage an organisation’s supply base? more…

Proof positive
If a customer says they never placed an online order, what can a merchant do to prove otherwise? more…

Underworked and overpaid
What strategies can organisations adopt to make better use of their software assets? more…

Hackers are not the primary threat to corporate IT systems, says Kenny MacIver.

INSIDER — updates and downloads
Highlights, facts and inside stories from the frontiers of the information economy.
The books top technologists are reading
SAS Institute to introduce ‘lie detector’ software
Collaborative commerce reality check
Tibco customers take lessons from Enron
IT recession bottoming out

Feedback, opinion, amplification, clarification, corrections. More…

PERSPECTIVE — technology, strategy and financial analysis
Spam with everything

ISPs, corporate networks and staff are being overwhelmed by spam. What can organisations do to combat it? more…

The Information Age interview
Iain Spence, Asda’s chief technology officer, discusses the Asda@home online service. More…

A monthly look at the burgeoning e-marketplace sector.
Collaboration, Maintenance, repair and overhaul, post-Enron competition
Chemical industry ‘super-hub’ may be on the horizon

SAP and Commerce One — Distant partners or close as ever?

Where next for business-to-business software partners SAP and Commerce One? more…

REPORT CARD — company analysis
A round up of the strategic and business issues facing key suppliers in the information technology industry.
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Systems Union

PROSPECTUS — companies to watch
A guide to the products and strategies of some of the youngest and fastest growing companies in the global technology industry.

FINANCIAL REPORT — financial results
Highlights and comment relating to the quarterly results of the main suppliers of information technology.
Systems vendors
Security software vendors
Microsoft talks of weakness
Siebel loses momentum

UNDER OFFER — mergers and acquisitions
The important deals in the global IT industry in recent weeks, and emerging consolidation trends.
CRM software

INFORMATION UNIT — industry trends
Information Unit tracks the key trends affecting the global information economy and analyses the evolution of technology in corporations worldwide.
Wireless WANs
Network downtime
Linux development
Enterprise applications
Indirect procurement automation

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Pete Swabey

Pete Swabey

Pete was Editor of Information Age and head of technology research for Vitesse Media plc from 2005 to 2013, before moving on to be Senior Editor and then Editorial Director at The Economist Intelligence...

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