The future of big data can only be open source : Scott Yara, president, Pivotal

Last month, fifteen industry leaders including VMware, Splunk, Verizon and Pivotal joined forces to create the Open Data Platform (ODP) a shared industry inititative to aiming to build a standard platform for data processing around Apache's Hadoop. Scott Yara, president of enterprise software firm Pivotal, explains the ODP's goal to drive collaboration, innovation and standardisation for enterprises building big data applications.

The ODP is an important big data milestone, explains Yara, because it represents the first common, stable platform against which big data solutions providers can qualify solutions.

Yara thinks opening up big data technology will really accelerate collaboration with industry and academia, driving new methods of research.

Pivotal's shift to community-driven, open source big data began with cloud PaaS Cloud Foundry, which naturally evolved into an open source project the Cloud Foundry Foundation. 

Looking forward, Yara believes platforms like the ODP should open up the proprietary, fragmented world of database systems in the same way that operating systems have become standardised, leading to an explosion in possibilities around big data.

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