Fuel efficiency software in the aerospace sector

Honeywell Aerospace, among other companies, is allowing the industry to integrate, connect and create smarter technology in the aerospace fuel space. In turn, this is making flights more efficient and safe for their customers, passengers, pilots and maintainers working on the ground.

Fuel efficiency software enabling airplanes to fly more efficiently is gathering pace, especially following the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s agreement in 2016.

This agreement will see that the aviation sector offsets CO2 emissions. In the face of changing emissions legislation, software solutions provide airlines with instant analytics and recommendations on current aircraft fuel consumption and ways to save fuel.

These solutions are helping operators implement best practices that drive better fuel efficiency programmes. Depending on the airline, fuel costs can represent between 20 – 40% of total costs for airlines.

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The International Air Transport Association has stated that an airline with an effective fuel saving programme can reduce its fuel costs by 3-5% and Honeywell Aerospace is providing this solution to their customers.

With more than a 100 years of experience providing technology, both software and hardware, engines and more, they are helping to advance planes and make a difference in society through cooperative technologies.

Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software, part of the GoDirect Flight Services family of Connected Aircraft technologies is providing a solution for airlines to be more efficient.

Honeywell Aerospace’s acquisition of Aviaso allows them to help their customers identify saving opportunities. The software offers commercial, corporate, private, government and military aircraft with a wide range of avionics subscriptions that provide more efficiency and safety whilst in the air.

GoDirect Fuel Efficiency helps airliners reduce fuel use and costs, whilst providing reporting to help comply with emissions regulations and monitoring tools for improved fuel conservation.

The Fuel Efficiency software service has been chosen by more than 30 airlines and air traffic control customers worldwide. Most recently within Europe, Middle East, Africa and India region.

India’s Jet Airways and Turkish Airlines chose the solution to help reduce costs for the airline as a whole. Customers have highlighted that having a sophisticated fuel efficiency program is a key business pillar and allows them to invest in technology for daily operations more efficiently.

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The fuel efficiency software benefits airline operations and IT teams alike through a number of different ways.

For operations, the cost saving solution helps to:

  • Analyse information from more than 100 reports to identify fuel saving potential.
  • Support communication with stakeholders.
  • Accurately monitoring the fuel efficiency improvement program through flexible tools.
  • Utilise key performance indicators for quick management overview.
  • Interact with airline business consultants with experience in fuel efficiency.

For IT, the efficiency solution provides:

  • Reliable software with low license and operating costs.
  • Various options for deployment for customer.
  • Flexible tools to support importing data from other IT systems.
  • Innovative validation and check routines to achieve high quality data.

The Fuel Efficiency software consists of four parts: data collection, data quality assurance, analysis and communication. All four parts play a major role in ensuring the solution works for Honeywell’s customers and helps conserve fuel costs in the long run.

Data collection

The GoDirect Fuel Efficiency data warehouse stores more than 1,000 parameters of data, Honeywell’s software assists the airline in pulling the required information from various IT systems.

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Data quality assurance

Fuel efficiency programmes require high quality data and GoDirect Fuel Efficiency applies a unique set of thorough quality cross-checks, statistical checks and error checks to ensure the standard of data is high. The software also shows the actual and target savings for an airline.


Discover and monitor the fuel saving potential and progress of the program.


Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software provides airlines with news bulletins and online reports, to easily and effectively communicate with customer stakeholders.

Overall, Honeywell Aerospace’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software is backed by many years of experience and their heritage positions them to uniquely design and tailor a full suite of services for their customers’ needs and requirements, helping them to be more safe and efficient.


Sourced by Honeywell Aerospace

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