How to host major conferences with minimum effort


When most people think of conferences, they probably think of how much work not only goes into the event itself, but also how much day-to-day work is missed as a result.

When you have to spend considerable time, money and other resources physically transporting yourself to a place and then spending time there, it can be very difficult to get the real results you were initially looking for.

Instead, why not check out the option of having virtual discussions? You may just be able to find another way of transferring information.

Save on travel

The costs of travel are a nightmare. When you think about anything from transportation, gas, airplanes, hotels and even meals, then you are already adding up significant money. Throw in the cost to register for the conference itself and it becomes even more difficult to spend for.

As the Richest says, the top conferences for business can easily reach a few thousand dollars for the event alone. However, the costs aren’t just monetary, as you need to consider just what your organisation is paying by having employees away from their roles for days at a time.

Even a single day can be a lost customer or an operation within the daily process that goes undone. The benefit of having virtual discussions or webinars instead is the fact that your employees can still be right at their desks without missing any piece of the action.

Deliver relevant content

Some speakers are very interesting and very informative. Many try to talk about items that are currently in the public eye. Even more people are able to provide engaging information regardless of the subject.

That being said, much of the news and information you hear at a conference is already old and outdated by the time your speaker has revised his or her first draft in preparation for the seminar.

With online discussions, breaking news can actually be discussed even as it is happening right before you.

When you think about the possibilities of having instant news and information versus content that took months to develop, there is a reason people are getting more and are also learning more from the newest information thanks to services like réunion vidéo for IT by Blue Jeans.

Easy to exchange information

One of the major flaws about going to a conference is that you can’t have enough time to digest the information. On the one hand, there are countless speakers who are drawn to the event to discuss information.

Most (if not all) of the info is useful, and people want to hear what can help them. On the other hand, there are usually too many speakers. People may not even be aware of just how many options there are for listening to speakers.

Because you are just a member in the audience, it is even more difficult to grasp the concepts and ideas that a speaker is presenting to you while they are standing in front of you.

Can you really take down significant notes on the fly? In short, you can get an overload of speakers, as well as what the Economist says is an overload of information.

That is why instead of being inundated at major conferences, many businesses are starting to see the true benefit of the video call model.

You can easily have all of the information right in front of you and you also have the options to record, type down notes, and even interact with the speaker as well as look up information or see their supplementary material as they continue to speak.

Compatibility for multiple systems

The tremendous thing about setting up a video webinar is that you can broaden your audience to levels far greater than you could have imagined before. The ability to draw in talent from your field is one thing if you cast a wide net.

However, the compatibility with multiple systems means you can host your virtual discussions and seminars and collaborate with people who are not only in a different time zone, but with people who are in different countries and locations all around the world.

The best way to have a truly powerful conversation is to have your event full of people from all walks of life and all different areas, all so that they can add in valuable information of their own. You can do that with a virtual webinar.

When you think about the true benefits of having an online webinar, then you should easily be able to see just how quickly it can turn into a powerful thing with significant participation as well.

The benefits of having a virtual conversation are tremendous, but at the same time, you don’t have to give anything up to do it other than a few hours of your time. Online events are the future, and your organization can have the future working for you.

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