Hybrid cloud infrastructure security; new bundling deal offers solution

Hybrid cloud services offer a kind of best of both worlds: the flexibility of the cloud allowing access to information and data that exists in on-premises systems. But this presents its own security and access challenges, but a new bundling agreement may offer a fix to hybrid cloud infrastructure security.

Safe-T, a provider of software-defined access solutions for the hybrid cloud, and K2, a leading digital process automation platform, are behind the hybrid cloud infrastructure security solution. Safe-T’s Software-defined Access solution is being bundled with K2’s Cloud offering.

The need for hybrid cloud infrastructure

Enterprises look to cloud-based solutions for technical, operational and cost advantages but often need to access information and data that exists in on-premises systems, which typically require high-cost operations and complex architectures using VPNs.

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The need for hybrid cloud infrastructure security

Due to this move to hybrid cloud, more enterprises are moving into a public or hybrid cloud environment, which presents its own security and access challenges.

The hybrid cloud infrastructure security fix

Safe-T’s SDA solution closes the security gap that prevents organisations from taking a hybrid cloud approach by being tightly integrated and white-labelled into K2 Cloud for quick and easy deployment by customers, many of which are in highly regulated sectors like government, finance and healthcare.

Safe-T CEO Shachar Daniel, said: “Safe-T is proud to work with K2 to offer a seamless adoption experience for customers while maintaining the highest level of security. Our Software-Defined Access solution ensures ease of use wherever critical data is stored and allows for easy scalability.”

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