Immerse partners with CJ OliveNetworks to pursue VR training in Korea

The partnership is expected to allow Seoul-based CJ OliveNetworks to produce specifically tailored training content for employees in the region.

With the aid of Immerse‘s Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP), this content is planned to encompass a variety of process aspects, including manufacturing, logistics and health and safety.

Immerse’s technology will allow the training to be scaled and measured when necessary.

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“Partnering with CJ OliveNetworks is an extremely important relationship for Immerse,” said Tom Symonds, CEO of Immerse.

“As part of the CJ Group, they have the knowledge and expertise to accelerate the use of VR training in the region.

“Through our VEP, they will have access to the appropriate tools and platform to quickly exploit opportunities and to roll them out at scale.”

CJ OliveNetworks are no strangers to the VR training game, having already worked alongside CJ CheilJedang and CJ Construction to deliver projects in this field. These include a VR Pneumatic System Simulator for CJ CheilJedang, and VR building capabilities for CJ Construction.

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The company also plan to complete further implementation projects outside of the CJ group within the next year.

GiHo Ro, director and head of AR/VR Business Team at CJ OliveNetworks, said: “VR training will significantly save time and money for employee training and furthermore reduce errors and increase operational efficiencies for enterprises.

“Through extensive testing of the Immerse VEP, we feel that it is the best platform to enable us to maximise the opportunities we have identified in the Korean market.”

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