Investments in new technologies help Equifax protect sensitive data

Equifax, the global data, analytics and technology company, who was the victim of a significant data breach in 2017,  has selected Active Navigation — the data privacy and governance software provider — to identify, classify and protect its sensitive data assets.

The ongoing project, which started in early 2018, is part of the security and technology transformation currently underway at Equifax.

“Investing in data protection technologies is a key part of our transformation,” said Nick Oldham, chief privacy and data governance officer at Equifax. “Active Navigation has been a good partner for us during our transformation.”

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Data mapping

Data mapping is a key component of operationalising and maintaining a rigorous, fully compliant data privacy program.

To effectively map its vast swathes of data, the company has used Active Navigation’s Discovery Center, which integrates into large and complex technology stacks and accurately maps data flows and actions data at the scale and performance levels required by global technology companies like Equifax.

The provider’s proprietary file analysis technology also provides organisations with a repeatable and defensible solution to keep their data maps accurate and up to date.

“We’re proud to be a part of Equifax’s technological and data governance transformation,” said Peter Baumann, CEO of Active Navigation. “As a data-driven organisation, Equifax understands the need to underpin data privacy and security in everything they do.”

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A partnership

Equifax is using Active Navigation’s Discovery Center to identify and delete unnecessary records to reduce its overall attack surface area.

The Discovery Center platform, leveraging a proprietary multi-language GDPR rule set, helps companies like Equifax index unstructured data and quickly protect millions of records.

According to the Active Navigation, its solution is unlike other eDiscovery and information governance solutions that require data ingestion and culling before performing analysis — instead, it works at scale on files in place and provides information down to the file level, enabling rapid and informed remediation decisions to be made across any connected repository.

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