Workers unconvinced IT departments enable business productivity

Almost half (42%) of UK knowledge workers are not convinced their IT department is forward-thinking or enables business productivity, according to new research from Citrix.

The study also revealed that a significant number of UK employees are opting for outdated IT working practices instead of adapting to a digital work environment. For example, 29% of survey respondents admitted that their colleagues share files via email attachments, requiring them to create multiple versions instead of one securely hosted file. While 24% of UK knowledge workers admitted to saving files onto their desktop even though they know it should have been hosted in a secure cloud.


According to the study, outdated working practices are particularly common among remote workers. When working out of the office where the only available internet connection is via public Wi-Fi with little or no protection, 21% of employees said they would connect to it despite the risks. When ‘on the go’ 33% of respondents said they would opt to correspond with colleagues via apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger which have not been sanctioned by the IT department.

What is the expanding role of IT within the business?

IT is now central to businesses in terms of revenue, growth and strategic direction, and the development of ‘big software’ is providing businesses with a larger infrastructure to keep up with growing demands

The IT-business divide

Citrix’s study also found that workers feel IT is disconnected from the needs of their business, only 29% of those surveyed agree that their organisation’s IT team currently delivers a first-class experience for the business. Additionally, 24% said they often hear of new technologies and processes being trialled to improve working practices.

“Everyone should be able to benefit from developments in technology and working practices while feeling supported and engaged to perform at their best. This requires organisations to ensure the workplace is set up correctly to embrace the multitude of technologies that are available today to improve employee engagement and boost productivity,” said Darren Fields, regional vice president, UK & Ireland, Citrix.

“IT leaders must go back to basics, reviewing their people, processes and technology. Up-to-date, fast and performing technology is often the difference between enhanced productivity or limited efficiency. When the workplace is set up correctly, organisations can adjust workplace culture – opening up limitless opportunities for collaboration and innovation.”

Tips for identifying the IT needs of your business

In this day and age, pretty much every business in the world relies on information technology to some degree

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