IT managers turn away long-term projects

Faced with budget freezes or budget cuts, IT managers in Europe are now looking to embark on short-term projects with a quicker return on investment, according to a survey by Forrester Research.

More than half the IT managers Forrester interviewed for the survey said that projects spanning more than two years were no longer an option. However, organisations are still under competitive pressure to begin new projects, according to 76% of respondents.

While the majority of those interviewed agreed that short-term projects were more favourable in the current negative economic climate, enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations – typically lengthy and complicated – were still the main priority. Internet and knowledge management projects ranked lowest.

Return on investment is the favoured method of measuring a projects success for 60% of respondents, while 40% based this judgement on cost savings or cost avoidance. Only 4% judged a project on the actual cost of the software licence, according to Forrester.

How do you measure the benefits of IT projects?
Source: Forrester Research

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