IT’s stress factor

Work in the IT sector has become more stressful since the credit crunch, with over 40% of senior IT executives saying that economic fears are causing them to lose sleep.

The study of over 1,100 senior executives by the Chartered Management Institute found that just 9% of those in the IT sector felt their jobs were secure, while only 43% were optimistic about business prospects in the next 12 months. Rising energy costs, weak demand, and poor employee motivation were most frequently blamed as the cause of poor financial performance. But despite

the pressure, 79% appeared to be taking the problems in their stride, saying the downturn was offering “greater challenges”, with 56% willing to take on extra work.

Many are used to the hanging axe: 91% of IT executives polled said they had previous experience of redundancy, with 69% agreeing there was less stigma attached to it than in the 1990s. Over a third said they were using the downturn as an opportunity to look for a more senior position, while 66% said they would be tempted to jump ship “if the right offer came along” – despite 37% admitting their own companies had frozen recruitment.

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