What keeps tech directors up at night?

Technology directors are losing sleep due to unmanageable workloads, according to the latest research from Manifesto, the London-based digital agency.

The research found that 21% are kept awake by not having a sufficient work-life balance and a further 20% are having sleepless nights because they simply have too much to do during the day.

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A similar number of respondents (20%) report worrying about unresolved issues at work, whilst unrealistic deadlines (17%) and concerns about managing their teams (13%) are keeping others up at night. Such high numbers suggest that many technology directors need more support from their organisations.

This is validated by the fact that 65% of respondents say a greater understanding of digital technology would help them perform better in their role, which indicates that businesses need to focus more time and resources on developing these important decision-makers.

The research also shines a spotlight on the fact that whilst digital transformation has been high on the agenda for years, in the current climate there is still much more that needs to be done to close the gap and bring businesses into digital maturity.

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Jim Bowes, CEO at Manifesto, comments: “Our latest research suggests that technology directors often struggle to get the support they need in the workplace. With such a demanding role to fulfil, many technologists seem to be getting caught up in the day-to-day running of the business, rather than focussing on how technology can add real value to the company. Given the vital role that technology plays in modern business, senior management needs to readdress this balance and ensure they are empowering their technology directors to drive innovation and keep the company one step ahead of the competition.”

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