Micron introduces Industrial Quotient Partner Program

Micron has partnered with Advantech, ATP Electronics, Greenliant, Innodisk, Kontron, Mercury Systems and Viking Technology to deliver IIoT solutions through the new program.

The combined products of this project are set to be spanned within applications across various sectors, including transport, factory work and defence.

A major aim of the program is to address the need for greater coordination across the supply chain as automotive technologies and the demand for improved data management, such as acquisition and analytics, continue to advance.

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“The broad and growing deployment of IIoT applications makes choosing the right industrial memory and storage solutions more critical for embedded applications,” said Kris Baxter, vice-president, marketing for the Embedded Business Unit at Micron. “The IQ partner program gives our industrial customers confidence that they are choosing the best products and minimising the total cost of ownership for their IIoT designs.

“These selections not only help meet the functional requirements of tomorrow’s industrial solutions, but they also ensure long-term reliability and quality with simplified product lifecycle management.”

The program will be carried out on the basis of Micron’s previously established IQ Matters Program.

Launched in 2017, this features the following five key ‘tenets’:

  • Enhancements in response to extreme conditions, such as weather, in order to make products more durable.
  • Sustained endurance and reliability through design and testing to ensure that embedded applications last.
  • Quality testing of mission-critical applications to ensure consistent performance.
  • Extended lifecycle support via Micron’s Product Longevity Program.
  • A deep understanding of use cases specific to application needs.

“Advantech is glad to be a part of Micron’s IQ partner program,” said Linda Tsai, president of Industrial IoT at Advantech. “Micron shares the same Industrial Quotient values with Advantech; therefore, having a partner like Micron that offers industry longevity, quality and reliable solutions enables us to better support factory automation, medical and transportation applications where these values are of paramount interest for our end customers.”

Hamid Shokrgozar, president of Viking Technology, said: “Viking Technology has a strong legacy in developing industrial and embedded DRAM memory and flash storage products. In recent years, we have expanded those solutions to include specialised multichip package products such as our ParallelCell MCP solution.

“This solution is designed, developed and optimised for the stringent requirements of the military and aerospace market, and as such, we need a partner that can deliver NAND flash and DRAM memory enabled for these requirements.

“The Industrial Quotient partnership with Micron solidifies a long-term roadmap for those markets and further supports us as we move into the space market, where endurance and temperature requirements are tested to their fullest potential.”

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