AI gets an upgrade: Narrative Intelligence is on its way 

Persado, a provider of AI-optimized marketing language, has unveiled what it describes as a ‘breakthrough’ application of Narrative Intelligence — the ability to build and tell stories using genuine, natural language.

“The right fashion at the right price, look your best within your budget.” How many hours did it take the marketing team to come up with that phrase? Answer, no time. Persado’s Narrative Intelligence engine did it instead.

Persado calls it AI with a soul. The idea, says, Alex Protopapas, it’s Vice President of Innovation, is to make storytelling not just one element of an algorithm, but to make it the entire driving force.”

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Protopapas added: “It’s about making technology that’s more human.”  He explained further that its application has mastered the art of authentic, personalised storytelling, allowing marketers to drive unparalleled engagement and conversions in a company’s brand voice.

It claims that Narrative Intelligence is able to craft authentic and engaging messages for marketing campaigns.

So that means email, web content and digital advertising designed to reflect a given brand’s unique voice, adapt to each campaign’s context, and account for each audience’s tailored interests.

Persado says that the system is trained to emulate the way humans brainstorm and make creative decisions, the technology produces the most impactful marketing messages for a specific campaign based on four narrative dimensions:

  • Brand Narratives: Assimilates and interprets each brand’s voice to learn the precise ways of writing, conceptualising, and stylizing marketing content.
  • Calendar Narratives: Incorporates collective stories based on seasonal and holiday events across the calendar year, traditions and pop culture.
  • Personal Narratives: Tailors messages to have the most relevant themes and concepts based on the interests of a given audience.
  • Campaign Narratives: Adjusts to the nuances of a specific campaign, including timing, context, descriptions, images, design, and calls-to-action. on artificial intelligence and data independence

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It gives as an example, key narratives generated under each of the four dimensions for a fashion retailer’s ‘new arrivals’ campaign, then weighed those insights to create the top performing message:

  • Affordable luxury: the right fashion at the right price, look your best within your budget
  • New season: start fresh, new season goals, introducing the new you
  • Prestige: turn heads this fall, your runway moment awaits, spotlight on you
  • New arrivals: you’re getting a first look, just-arrived fashion, you’ll love these new items
  • Putting it all together – sample message: Spotlight On You: Just-Arrived Fashion For Your #NewSeasonGoals

In this latest round of updates, Persado also unveiled new APIs for Facebook Advertising, MovableInk, AdobeTarget, Optimizely and Maxymizer, giving marketers seamless, multi-channel campaign setup and testing across third-party email, social media and web platforms. Customers can now visualize how Persado-generated direct response campaign content will appear in their preferred platform, test and adjust campaign variables accordingly, and receive robust performance analysis to improve future campaigns.

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