New book reveals tips for successful technology entrepreneurship

The book, ‘Technology Entrepreneurship: Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace 2nd Edition’, aims to give business and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students the skills needed to overcome the challenges that come with tech ventures.

Co-authored by Trinity Business School associate professor, Dr Natasha Evers, alongside Professors James Cunningham and Thomas Hoholm, the book covers managing, commercialising and marketing technologies, as well as new business development.

A framework is included, which helps readers understand the entrepreneurial process for technological ideas, covering entrepreneurship in combination with innovation, commercialisation, intellectual property issues and product-market fit, among other aspects.

The publication is supported by real-life international case studies related to different technologies, across diverse sectors and geographies.

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“Many technical entrepreneurs are “in love” with their product and tend to forget to think about how to build a business around it,” said book co-author and associate professor at Trinity Business School, Evers.

“Often this leads to business plans with very convincing technology and product descriptions, but with no sign of how this will create value for customers and the venture.

“Thus, the main problem is not so much invention but commercialisation, and the need to achieve a good product–market fit in the early stages for building sustainable and scalable high-technology new ventures.”

University educators and trainers teaching entrepreneurship and business modules on business, engineering, science and computing technology programmes can request a sample here.

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